Zarmank’its’ ach’k’ernerd bats’ kmna, yerb imanak’, t’e i՞nch’ masnagitut’yun uni yev vorte՞gh e ashkhatum Lili Mortoyi sirelin (lusankarner)

According to, Lili Morto’s beloved Vadim Janglyan is the director of the Center for Aesthetic Medicine, a maxillofacial surgeon, a dentist-implantologist, a cosmetologist.

Lily Morton is staying in Dubai with her husband and three children.

The model recently posted a photo on her Instagram page showing her

followers who was her favorite. Fans congratulated the couple on their unity and wished them good luck.

Yesterday, Lily posted another photo, attached: “With them I forget about everything.” Fans were a little confused and began to ask Morto whether the kids were his.

Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the children are Lily’s husband, with whom they have recently begun their relationship.