Yeva Rrivasn amot’y lriv e korts’rel. na kiamerk lusankar e hraparakel, vortegh anum e DA hents’ tesakhts’iki arraj

Eva Rivas, or Valeria Reshetnikova-Tsaturyan was born in Rostov-on-Don. His father, Alexander Reshetnikov, was born in Vladivostok to an Armenian and Russian family, and his mother is Piruza Tsaturyan, who was

born in Yerevan. The offender is Greek Eva Rivas, whose name the singer uses as a pseudonym. In 1994 he entered English-language school and was a soloist of the Armenian school choir in elementary school.

In 1996-2004 he was the soloist of the Arevik Ensemble in Rostov. As a soloist of the band, Eve has been honored as a laureate many times. Having performed both in the ensemble and as an individual performer at the Alvan Flower Children’s and Youth Song Contest, Eve won the Grand Prix.

In 1999, Eve won two silver medals at the First Russian Youth Delphic Games in Saratov, Russia, presenting an Armenian song from Rosie Armen’s playlist.

In 2003 he graduated from the Image Elite School and became one of the leading models of this agency twice earning the title of Rostov’s Little Beauty.