Tanjvum em na exel e im sery

Actress Anahit Mutafyan posted a post on her Facebook page. He wrote in private: “I had decided to keep silent, I had decided not to say anything anymore, but I could not. I am speaking to all the scumbags, all the slaughterers who have slandered and slandered me these days, some by order, some by their own kind. who also has loved ones, dear friends. The only sin of a woman is to have my own opinion. My country, my statehood is very dear to me and I am ready to fight for it, dear slanderers and slanderers for you as I love my nation my deceived and deceived nation. I lost a lot and lost a lot on the way to the fight. I learned a lot about myself and laughed and saddened, but you are mine, my inadequate and inadequate.
Just one request when you come up against a young woman remember, you are a woman, you have a daughter, a sister, a daughter-in-law, a wife. «
And recently, Anahit Mutafyan described Kocharyan’s arrest as «ordinary obesity.»