Model Suzanne Sedrakyan has a new photo shoot. In the photographs, he is proud of his bold style and brilliant, in the direct sense of the word. The model has chosen a new makeup this time. In an interview with, Susanne mentioned that he was inspired by a makeup by Natali Tonoyan. According to Susanne, they took into consideration the latest fashion trends and adapted them to their bold style.

. Susan Sedrakyan, the most brilliant model in Armenia, has recently made notes on social networks, and it becomes clear that he is alone.

In this regard, the site has sent a few questions to Susie.

  • Susie, recently, we often notice on the pages of your social network a beautiful, so-called girl in love, whose heart is broken. What does it mean:

Yes, I have no more friends, my heart is free. In fact, it does not make me suffer so much as I was tired of unhealthy relationships.

  • Is it true that conversations in showbiz boats are the son of an Armenian oligarch official? Your previous friend, I think, was a boy’s official.
  • True, but whose son he is, I will not open another bracket at this time. I just say that there is no one in my life now. I do not meet anyone. I do not want to say anything more than this time, if necessary, I will open all the brackets myself. Whenever I want, everyone will know about him, even though he knows who knows, who knows, or not.