Mi or, yerb kins ashkhatank’i er gnats’el, yes derrevs parrkats ei ankoghnum. Zok’anch’s, ners mtnelov senyak, sksets’… metsahasakneri hamar

For several days, the entire internet has been discussing Armenian model Armine Harutyunyan, who participated in the Gucci spring-summer show at Milan Fashion. For Armine, this is an interesting commotion. the girl could not imagine that her participation could be so discussed. BlogNews.am spoke to Armine, who told how she was elected.

“I was in Berlin this spring for a concert, we were walking down the street with my girlfriend, and a girl came up to me. She was looking for new faces for fashion shows. He photographed me and took my contacts. Some time later he wrote that Gucci wanted to see me at his show and told me to leave the next day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a visa and couldn’t leave in a day.

He then wrote that Gucci still wanted to see me at his show, and they offered to go to Milan for the spring-summer collection show. «

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