Merk nkarner, mek shish garejury yev knoj՝ Gohari davachanut’yuny..shokayin yet’er Kisabats’i taghavarum, amboghj taghavary aryun, tsets…sarsap’eli iravichak

23% of respondents view ATV’s “Dusk Window”. 8% of the respondents mentioned it as their preferred program, and 15% of the respondents mentioned it as their second choice.

According to the poll, Shant TV’s Perspective program is the most popular among the viewers, with 12% of the respondents surveyed and 30% of the respondents referring to it as the second choice.

15% of respondents prefer “Good Evening” on Public Television, while 21% of respondents prefer second choice.

One of the favorite programs is H1’s “Let’s Understand” program, which prefers to view 12% of respondents, with 23% of respondents as the second choice.

The poll was conducted in Yerevan and the regions, with 1200 peo