«Malat’ia mol»-i hrdehits’ heto…aysk’an zhamanak ants’ Samvel Alek’sanyann aynpisi ban asats’, vor hents’ hima payt’ets’num e hamats’ants’y

As it is known today a fire broke out in the building of “Malatia Mall” on Sebastia street in Yerevan, which resulted in casualties and great damage. According to preliminary data, there were eight casualties. The fire was quite large, 19 firefighting units, two car docks, and citizens and staff were involved in the firefighting activities.

Since the area is owned by businessman, former NA deputy Samvel Alexanyan, ArmLur.am tried to find out what the situation is now, whether it was possible to completely extinguish the fire or there are still stoves. Alexanyan responded that everything was normal and first of all thanked those who came to help.

“I thank Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan, Chief of Armenian Police Valery Osipyan, they came, they worked well, they did their job, we were able to overcome the fire. I thank them, ”said Alexanyan.