Khaytarrak depk’ e yeghel…12-its’ bardzrneri hamar. Ari «Mama-papa» khaghank’ ….Shorern haneluts’ heto na indz hamburets’ yev sksets’ serrakan bnuyt’i gortsoghut’yunner katarel. Yes ch’ei el haskanum, t’e inch’ er katarvum. Aydpes sharunakvets’ minch’ ayn ory, yerb andamy nerhrelov….

Years ago, I was in elementary school. Since my parents worked, I was left at home alone. At the request of my parents, my older neighbor, who was also studying at our school, was dealing with me. After learning the lessons, we would play together in the courtyard of our building or at home.

After learning the lessons, he once offered me to play Mama-Papa. I accepted his offer and was glad that he could “father” my doll. After “feeding” the doll, we too were going to bed.
“You know,” he said, “mum and daddy, when they lie down to sleep, they start kissing and fighting before bed.” Always grandfathers win. Come on, let’s play too.