KHAYTARRAK depk 23-amya Tigrany «Odnoklasniki»-ov tsanotatsel e amusnatsats knoj het, tarel e hyuranots, brrnabarel e u …isk kiny bolorid haytni…

This act is foreseen by the offense itself. According to Cr. Article 139 of the day, of a sexual nature, including homosexual acts against the victim, forcing or threatening to inflict harm on the latter or another person, or using the victim’s helplessness, is punishable by imprisonment for the term of up to three to six years. Physical rape is the use of physical force against the victim or other persons in order to suppress, overcome, or deprive a woman of the opportunity to intercourse with the offender, and to call upon the victim for assistance, such as beating them, inflicting bodily harm, and so on.

Thus, for the crime of rape, it is necessary for a woman to testify before the use of violence or during the conduct of the woman that she is in a sexual relationship. The threat of violence is that the perpetrator, contrary to the woman’s will, has sexual intercourse with her, by overcoming the victim’s resistance to the expectation of physical violence against her or another person. The threat of violence can be expressed both verbally and in action, the essence of which is to suppress the victim’s will.

Картинки по запросу իսկ կինը

On August 27, 2014, Alina and her father-in-law left for Yerevan to visit a sister from Russia. Before leaving for Yerevan, Alina told Tigran by phone that she will be in Yerevan soon, where they will meet and talk.

While in Yerevan, Alina called Tigran and said she was in Yerevan and wanted to meet him.

Картинки по запросу իսկ կինը

According to Alina, she wanted to meet with Tigran to sever their virtual connection….

On August 27, at 7 pm, Tigran and his friend Arsen took a taxi to Yerevan’s Sebastia Street, where Alina was found.

Tigran approached Alina, Arsen waited in the distance. Shortly thereafter, Tigran left for Arsen, again approached Alina and offered to go to the cafe, but Alina refused. He has seen Tigran in «real life» and … disliked.

Картинки по запросу իսկ կինը

Tigran insisted on the offer, saying otherwise he would follow Alina.

During that time, Tigran went into the store, bought beer for himself, and water for Alina.

Alina has asked Tigran to delete her phone number and passwords from Odnoklassniki’s website, as she will soon return to Armenia on September 18, and she does not want to continue contacting Tigran.

Then Alina with her daughter: