Isk duk’ tese՞l eik’ t’e i՞nch’ sarsap’eli tesk’ uner Hasmik Khojyany minch’ mi shark’ plastik virahatut’yunnery. Lusankar amur nyarder unets’voghneri hamar

Hasmik Khojyan, best known for her series Ellen’s Diary, is currently starring in “Unborn Addresses”. Hasmik told how the partnership came about and what role it would play.

“The most interesting and positive things in life are happening unexpectedly. Very often we do not plan for this or that, but when it does, there is a pleasant turn in our lives. This partnership is one of the above cases. One day, in the morning, I received a phone call, and after a few arrangements, I was already filming in the evening. In one day, or more precisely,

in a couple of hours, working with my new producer, I tried to understand my heroine, give her a new and exciting look … and immediately went to work. The start of an interesting collaboration was very fast, easy and most importantly, based on mutual trust, “the actress said.

According to her, she had only two weeks of free time after completing Eleni Diary, during which she declined invitations to participate in two different projects. “This one was the 3rd and I couldn’t refuse and even sacrifice my much-awaited vacation. Despite that, my enthusiasm for work and dedication to work has doubled since the first day of the new project.

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