Hert’akan khaytarrak lusankary. Loghazgest yev aknots’․ Lili Morton kartses el aveli e metsats’rel krtsk’ery u ts’uyts’ tvel tstsaptuknery. LUSANKAR

“It may take a while for us to get to know each other better because I think my strengths are that I would really like my family to know me better.” Then we have to live separately, because it is the beginning of a new life, and no one should be confused.

What would you do if your spouse did not allow you to dress lightly?
“If he has seen me in the same way or has fallen in love with me in such a way, I think he must come to terms with this image.”

Longest and shortest relationships
-Every long relationship with my first friend lasted about 7 years. I don’t think of the shortest.

Do you have a brother or sister?
“I consider my mother a hero, for she had five children in the dark and cold.” We are 4 sisters, one sister.