hertakan bololan

We present to Kathy Gares, who was fat and full of intelligence. At school, her classmate was ridiculous, she was very ashamed of her appearance. When she was a teenager, she was wearing 3XL size clothing.
Approximately the same size was its complexes. Kathy would never change clothing to other girls in the same dressing room for physical training classes. It was doing in a separate corner.

Until 2016 Kathy and the right food were incompatible. The girl confesses that she could not remember the taste of some fruits and vegetables once she had not eaten them for many years.

2015 Katie’s grandfather died of obesity-related health problems. A few years ago, her grandmother’s sight lost her weight due to advanced diabetes. Seeing their experience, Kathy realized that he had to do something.
Kathy became a member of the Union of Weight Loss. After 1 year and 1 month, she was half her weight. Unexpectedly, Kathy was called from the modeling agency and offered to collaborate with them.