HATUK TGHAMARDKANTS’ HAMAR..Zon nayogh Karich Liloyi yev nra ynkeruhu erotik fotoshark’y. shut nayek’ k’ani ch’en jnjel.

According to Armlur.am, the convict Lilia Khachaturova, better known by the name of “Scorpio Lilo”, has been released the other day.

He was accused of intentionally causing serious harm to Naira T.’s health with an organized group. In the indictment, he pleaded guilty in part.

Scorpio became more popular while serving a sentence in a penitentiary. Many regarded him as a prison authority. Here, he was respected, feared, and not loved by many. Still last year a group of female convicts raised a wave of protest against their co-conspirator, saying that “the law should be equal for all.”

karich lilo:

The reason was the appearance of Scorpio in the open regime or, as is commonly said among the prisoners, in the “open colony”. “Getting out of the open colony” means leaving the penitentiary at 8am, working, returning to the penitentiary at 8pm.