Derasanuhin kartsum e, vor aysor masnagitut’yamb, sirats ashkhatank’ov zbaghveln arden isk mets hajoghut’yun yev dzerrk’berum e: «Mi shat sovorakan orinak berem

The actress thinks that today’s profession, favorite job is already a great success and an achievement. “Let me give you a very common example. See how many students are enrolled in the Theater Institute, graduating, and how many stay in the field. It does not depend on whether they are good or bad; it also depends on their ability to work. If you don’t work, you can’t eat, right? Many just quit their profession because of a lack of work. I appreciate that I was fortunate enough to remain in this field and work. I get a lot of pleasure from what I do now, in my favorite job and happy with it. ”

In addition to acting, the actress has been in the Artsakh Voices group for a long time, recently returning from a French tour. In the near future they are going to shoot new songs and videos. Asked if she had no plans to set out and start a singer career, Tamara said: “You know, it comes from being satisfied or not satisfied. At present, the work I do in the group really satisfies me — I don’t feel the need to be separated. I’m sure if I had the desire, I might as well have been working as a singer separately, but now I like what we do with the band. «

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