Ayn inch’ hrdehi zhamanak arets’ Samvel Alek’sanyany՝ ir ashkhatoghneri het ughghaki kapshets’ni DZez. gaghtni kadrer miayn mez mot (Tesanyut’)

The complexity of the fire at the Malatia Mall building on Sebastia Street in Yerevan has increased. The official website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that there are victims.

On August 24 at 15:47 the 911 service received a call that a fire broke out in the building of “Malatia Mall” on Sebastia Street in Yerevan and there were casualties.

At 4:35 pm the fire complexity was raised to “Number 3” call. Four more fire brigades left the scene of the fire.

There is also Samvel Alexanyan, who gives his employees instructions on how to extinguish the fire.