Ani Khach’ikyany ynkeroj het ankoghnayin lusankar e hraparakel . (Zgushats’um, lusankarn errotik bnuyt’i e, mutk’ gortsen miyan ch’ap’ahasnery)

Ani Khachikyan, a popular actress, is known to the public from the School on the Angel, “Planetat on Tigran”, the television series “Bakhtaber” and the film “Super Mom” are well-known for the public. Thee is not a joke and it’s an interlude. In conversation with one of the meditations of that cossack: “The time to participate in the sapuneni opera and nyakolko filma. Mislya, why didn’t he finish the golem’s job, for representing him at the Horat? “

Ani e is 22 years old. From childhood to participation in various advertisements. The debut television series on Ani, «School on the Angel», was better followed from the radix of the proposal.

Ani ce interest from the photograph. Toye sent pictures for the film festival Zlatna Kaysiya. In addition, the actress differs from the interval from C, so that I will be unintentional. It is only one from the hobby on Ani e da gleda filmy, neunoto preference e and professionally iziskvane, which is a lot of filmy and greda gleda. Works at the International Film Festival Zlatna Kaysiya.

The experience of se yesber information for Ani. It turned out that, by profession, she studied at the Yerevan Institute for Theater and Cinema, and by profession a film critic.